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Barrow Maintenance Solutions provide engineering services & equipment to industries that store, convey, process & transport powders & bulk materials.
We are stockists & distributors of a range of top branded products from leading manufacturers which, coupled with our fabrication, installation & repair capabilities provide solutions in the following areas.






Bulk Material Handling Accessories

Bulk Material Handling Accessories

Operating a bulk material handling plant is an expensive business, made more difficult by excessive downtime & costly maintenance. It is important that the best possible equipment & materials are used to minimise these difficulties. Barrow Maintenance Solutions offer a range of products which enable customers to:

  • Reduce downtime due to unscheduled breakdowns.

  • Save on equipment cost & renewal costs.

  • Save man hours on maintenance.

  • Minimise & eliminate lost production.

  • Contribute to a safe working environment.

To reduce spillage & carryback on belt conveyors: Barrow Maintenance Solutions Supply & Fit:

  • Conveyor belt cleaning.

  • Conveyor belt tracking.

  • Conveyor belt sealing.

To maintain the flow of stubborn materials in Bins, Hoppers & Silos; Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & fit:

  • Air cannons.

  • Vibrators.

  • Aerator systems.

  • Pneumatic control systems.

To ensure compliance with relevant Safety & Access regulations; Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & install:

  • Machine guarding.

  • Ladders.

  • Stairs.

  • Platforms.

  • Handrail systems.

  • Ladder guards.

  • Safety gates.

  • COSHH Storage & Transport equipment.

  • Automatic lubrication equipment.

Barrow Maintenance Solutions improve existing equipment with modification, retrofit & redesign.

Bulk Material Handling Accessories

For more information on our Bulk material handling accessories, please get in contact with Barrow Maintenance Solutions today.

Machine Guarding & Access Compliance

machine Guarding

Machine Guards

Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & fit a range of CE certified products & systems to meet all requirements for industrial safety guarding, whether perimeter or point of contact, whilst being fully compliant with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Handrail systems

A properly engineered & fitted handrail system is absolutely essential to maintain adequate levels of safety within the workplace. Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & fit cost effective systems which meet EN ISO 14122 standards.

  • Modular quick fitting.

  • Key Klamp - Ball type - R+K system.

  • Aesthetically pleasing.

  • Durable.

  • Easy maintenance & repair.

  • Minimal tools required for assembly.

  • Minimum use of hot work processes on site.

Industrial Platforms

Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & fit a range of safe access solutions for industrial environments, built in compliance with EN ISO 14122 in a variety of materials & finishes to suit particular requirements.

  • Industrial stairs.

  • Working platforms.

  • Crossovers.

  • Ladders.

  • Modular quick fitting.

  • Minimum use of hot work processes on site.

  • Currently installed equipment can be upgraded to bring it up to standard.

Safety Barriers

Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply & install a comprehensive range of impact resistant security equipment for the protection of; People & Facilities, Warehouses & Logistics, Machinery, Factory & Production halls, Public transport areas & Cargo facilities.

Safety Gates

Over 15% of all labour related accidents in Europe* are directly caused by a person falling off a platform or ladder (*Based on figures supplied by Eurostat).
The Self closing gates supplied by Barrow Maintenance Solutions have been developed as a fall protection for ladder way openings & platforms & meet the requirements of EN ISO 14122. They are available in Galvanised steel, Stainless steel & Powder coated steel.

  • Fall protection.

  • Slow & restrict access.

  • Self closing.

  • Reduce the scope for human error.

  • Cage ladders - Working platforms - Stairways - Walkways.

Ladder guards

Unauthorised use of Cage Ladders must be prevented. This can be achieved by fitting a Barrow Maintenance Solutions ladder guard which fits over the ladder's climbing rungs & denies access to anyone other than designated key holders.

HazChem storage & transport

If you are storing or transporting Fuels, Oils, Chemicals or other hazardous materials you must comply with the regulations relating to the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH). If you do not comply with these regulations you are committing an offence.
Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply a range of high specification products designed to comply with all the regulations laid down by the EPA, HSE & COSHH for the storage & containment of flammable & hazardous substances, ensuring these substances are securely protected & cannot pose a risk to individuals, property or the environment.

For further information on our range of safety and access compliance equipment, please get in contact with Barrow Maintenance Solutions today.


Barrow Maintenance Solutions are stockists of the Pneumax range of components for pneumatic automation & the Vuototecnica vacuum technology range along with complementary products & accessories from other manufacturers.

Vacuum technology

  • Air preparation.

  • Condensate removal.

  • Cylinders.

  • Actuators.

  • Power clamps.

  • Directional control valves.

  • Process valves.

  • Tubes. Fittings. Couplings.

  • ATEX rated products.

  • Vacuum generators.

  • Vacuum pads - cups.

  • Pneumatic control panels & systems.

We also supply products from other manufacturers or can provide equivalent components & carry a comprehensive range of equipment in stock.
If you require Pneumatic or Vacuum products & components or associated Engineering services, contact Barrow Maintenance Solutions. We have a wealth of practical, Industry gained experience & will provide you with the best solutions for your requirements.

Parker Transair

Parker Transair is the ideal pipe system for Compressed Air, Vacuum, and Inert Gas applications. We can supply you with the components for self-fitting or we can provide a supply & installation service.
Fast & Flexible.

  • Easy to Install & Modify.

  • Lightweight & Durable.

  • Corrosion resistant.

  • No Threading or Welding.

  • Diameters 16.5 mm to 168 mm.

For further information on our range of pneumatic equipment, get in contact with Barrow Maintenance Solutions today.

How Much Do Air Leaks Cost?

An average plant without leak management can waste up to 30% of its total capacity. To compensate for this additional load your compressors will be running longer than is necessary with associated maintenance costs & unscheduled downtime. Electricity accounts for 76% of the lifetime costs of a compressor. Only half is used for operations, the remaining 50% or more of that electricity is wasted & lost to leaks. Noise pollution associated with leaking air is also a concern. Plus the wasted air can make it appear that you need additional compressor capacity when in fact you don't.

Barrow Maintenance Solutions can carry out a compressed air leakage survey which can be a simple walk through of the plant or can utilise an ultrasonic leak detection system. Having identified & labelled the source of the leaks, the necessary remedial works can be carried out by the plant's maintenance personnel or by undertaking an agreed schedule of repair and/or replacement.
The ultrasonic leak detector is available to purchase if preferred.

Barrow Maintenance Solutions supply other Compressed Air economy equipment such as Zero loss condensate drains, the Airsaver shut off system & the Transair piping system.

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